29th June 2015

Reasons to Frank Your Mail – Guide

If your business doesn’t frank mail, or have considered to use a franking machine but decided against it, this blog is here to help change your mind and give you a reason to frank your mail instead of using traditional stamps. By saving time and money when franking mail already gives you two reasons to frank mail within your business.

Reasons to Frank Your Mail!

Although the stamp prices tend to be rising over the past few years, it is not all doom and gloom for UK businesses. Here at Genuine Franking Ink, we are here to advise you that their is a cheaper solution for sending your mail. This solution is simply use a Franking Machine and frank your mail instead!

Reasons to Frank Your Mail

By using a franking machine to frank your mail, businesses can save money, and hopefully if you read this blog you may change your mind and use a franking machine from now on. View some of the many reasons to frank your mail below.

  • Lower Prices! – When franking mail, you gain access to the most recent franking prices. This allows you to save money on every item of mail franked. This is one of the main reasons people frank mail so that they can benefit from the much lower franking prices.
  • Eliminate the Risk of over or under payment! – By using an integrated weighing scale, your business can eliminate the possibility of over or under paying for a mail item. When you use stamps, it is common to use the incorrect stamp. By using a franking machine, this risk is eliminated.
  • Access to Royal Mail Services – Franking machines come with the most up to date Royal Mail postal services. These are available at the click of a button. Use any service including First Class, Second Class, Airmail, Recorded Delivery and more on a franking machine.
  • Free Advertisements! – Pretty much all franking machines allow you to frank a company logo and / or return address onto all your mail as well as a advertisement. By doing this, your business can help to increase your brand awareness. You can attract the customers eyes before they open the mail item, being very beneficial
  • Better Professional Image – One final reason to frank your mail is to help improve your professional image. A franking machines impression will make your mail items look really professional, and this can have a positive impact on customers.

If your business are interested in using a franking machine to frank your mail, then get some Franking Machine Quotes here. Benefit from using a franking machine today and start franking your mail.