Franking Machines

Mailcoms are the UK’s first and still the only company be a Service Focused Franking Machine Supplier!

One of the many franking services that we offer along with genuine original franking ink are franking machines. We can offer you an extensive range of unique franking machines over at Mailcoms, offering many different approaches to help get you the best franking machine for you.

We sell low, medium and high volume franking machines all at low prices, saving you money. Go over to Mailcoms if you wish to save money on franking machines.

Genuine Franking Ink

As you may have realised, we specialise and focus entirely on selling you low priced, and original franking ink for your franking machines. This is the main franking service we can offer and this means that we can supply you with genuine franking ink easily and straight from us quickly. No quote is needed, meaning it will be a quicker all round process of getting genuine franking ink for your franking machine.

We also sell other franking supplies from our Parent company Mailcoms, where they keep up to date with franking products, just like us.

We sell nothing but Genuine and Original Franking Ink at a low price. We will save you money for your franking ink, as we will charge you less than anywhere else in the UK. Coming straight from the original manufacturer, the ink on this site is much lower than the original manufacturer, saving you money! Visit our Shop.